Smart Orders: The Gateway to Advanced Trading with SiRiX

In the rapidly evolving world of trading, brokers and financial institutions are in constant pursuit of platforms that provide an edge in market execution and offer unparalleled support for swing trading, day trading, and strategic long-term investments. Enter SiRiX, the trading platform that redefines excellence with its comprehensive suite of tools designed to empower sophisticated traders.

What Is a Smart Order, and How Does It Differ from Traditional Trade Execution?

Smart orders revolutionize the traditional trading landscape by combining manual insight with sophisticated algorithms. Unlike conventional execution methods, smart orders in SiRiX are driven by automated strategies, ensuring precision and efficiency in trades.

Leverage the Power of Smart Integrations

SiRiX’s integration with third-party analytics offers an additional layer of real-time data and insights. This enables traders to make informed decisions confidently, highlighting SiRiX’s pioneering role in trading technology through a synergy of internal tools and external expertise.

The Uniqueness of Third-Party Integrations

SiRiX stands out with its ‘Open Garden’ policy and flexible API, allowing brokers to customize the platform with analytical tools from industry leaders. This capability, combined with SiRiX’s robust analytical tools, offers traders a personalized and insightful trading experience, unparalleled in the industry.

Real-Life Success with Smart Orders

How does the combination of open API, and extensive analytical tools benefit your traders? Here are examples of smart trading orders that can be generated and back-tested on live or demo accounts:

  • Live market notifications.
  • Automated trading based on market events.
  • Trailing stop loss, which adjusts to be always 10% below the current market rate, offering a more sophisticated option than regular stop loss.
  • Purchasing assets based on the price of other assets or indexes.
  • Buying when moving average lines cross.
  • Initiating buys based on indicators for take profit or stop loss.
  • Using Bollinger brands for buying at 1 or 2 standard deviations.

Localization: Catering to Global Markets

SiRiX transcends language barriers by offering a platform available in 11 languages, providing brokers the flexibility to customize settings and functionalities. This ensures traders worldwide can engage with the platform in a way that feels tailor-made for them, enhancing user experience and satisfaction.

A Real-Life Use Case

Imagine a trader poised to capitalize on the volatility of the gold market, targeting the XAU/USD pair. After meticulous research, the trader employs a strategy based on the spot price deviating from a two-standard-deviation threshold, combined with RSI signals indicating potential pivot points. This strategy utilizes the Bollinger Bands to gauge market volatility effectively, setting them to reflect a range based on the most recent 15 candlestick patterns.

This setup enables the trader to execute a sell order on the XAU/USD when Bollinger Band positioning and an overbought RSI signal suggest an optimal action point. Remarkably, this can be done manually or digitally through Leverate’s API, showcasing the SiRiX platform’s flexibility and power in real-world scenarios.

Conclusion: SiRiX – Your Platform for Excellence

SiRiX stands at the pinnacle of advanced trading, offering smart analytical tools, customizable settings, and seamless execution. Developed by Leverate, it enables brokers to surpass market expectations and provides traders with unparalleled service. The integration of RSI indicators, Bollinger Bands, and more tools for strategic trade execution exemplifies the platform’s capability to deliver both short-term success and long-term viability.

Discover why leading brokers choose SiRiX. For a deeper dive into our platform’s capabilities or to schedule a demo, reach out to us today.

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