Leverate and Intivion Join Forces to Revolutionize Brokerage Technology Solutions

Leverate, a global technology leader serving FX, CFD, and Crypto brokers, proudly announces its strategic partnership with Intivion, a specialist in CRM

solutions tailored for forex, CFD, and Crypto brokerages. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the industry, combining Leverate’s cutting-edge trading platform with Intivion’s AltimaCRM expertise.

Streamlining Brokerage Operations

Leverate, with over 16 years of experience, is renowned for delivering top-notch technology solutions to the brokerage industry. Intivion, founded in 2008, has dedicated its efforts to crafting high-quality technology solutions tailored specifically for brokers. Both companies bring deep industry expertise to offer comprehensive technological products.

Enhancing Client Relationships

Intivion introduces AltimaCRM, a customized client relationship management solution designed specifically for brokers. This platform provides a wide range of features that can help brokers manage their clients more effectively. AltimaCRM equips brokers with the tools needed to uphold a robust level of client engagement, a pivotal component for nurturing enduring relationships within the dynamic trading industry.

Advanced Trading Solutions

One of the key aspects of this partnership is Leverate’s offering of the SIRIX trading platform to brokers. This platform ranks among the most advanced trading solutions available today, equipped with a wide range of features designed to enhance traders’ ability to make informed decisions. Notable features of SIRIX include advanced charting tools, trading signals, and social trading capabilities, all of which contribute to its reputation as a comprehensive and cutting-edge platform.

Proprietary Trading Empowerment

In addition to these groundbreaking solutions, Leverate brings to the table a unique setup that enhances brokers’ ability to manage their proprietary trading firms and maximize profits in this highly competitive industry. Leverate’s proprietary trading solutions are designed to work smoothly, accurately, and can grow with your needs. From branding control to rapid market entry, Leverate’s cutting-edge technology ensures quick market penetration and cost-efficient setup, all while maintaining high reliability.

Leverate offers personalized evaluation programs tailored to the specific needs and goals of each Prop firm, allowing them to craft a winning package selection and determine the minimum and maximum account size. Leverate’s state-of-the-art dashboards amplify the value delivered to clients, offering an unparalleled trading experience through trader and admin dashboards and mobile apps specifically customized to meet the needs of prop firms. This dashboard presents a unified view, intuitive controls, and swift decision-making tools on real-time data.

CEO Speeches

CEO Aman Sheriff, expressed his anticipation, stating, “We are proud to collaborate with Leverate to provide brokers with an elevated solution, enabling them to fully unlock their potential within the market. The synergy of our technologies will empower brokers to maintain a competitive advantage and stay at the forefront of the industry.”

CCO Shmulik (Sam) Kordova, Leverate’s CCO, added, “We are delighted to join forces with Intivion to offer brokers an enhanced solution that will help them maximize their potential in the market. Our technologies combined will give brokers the edge they need to stay ahead of their competition.”

Looking Ahead

This strategic alliance empowers brokerage firms to differentiate themselves and provide an elevated standard of service to their clientele. It is a testament to both Leverate and Intivion’s commitment to delivering advanced technology solutions that address the dynamic requirements of the brokerage industry.

About Leverate

Leverate is a global technology leader serving FX, CFD, and Crypto brokers. With over 16 years of experience, Leverate offers top-notch technology solutions, from trading platforms to tailored CRMs, empowering brokerages globally. Leverate has a presence in key financial hubs, including London, Limassol, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, and more.

About Intivion

Intivion specializes in offering CRM solutions tailored for forex, CFD, and Crypto brokers. Founded in 2006, Intivion has cultivated deep expertise through extensive collaboration with brokers in the forex, CFD, and Crypto sectors. This experience positions Intivion to provide innovative and comprehensive technological products to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

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