Leverate is Celebrating Its 10-Year Anniversary

Premium brokerage technology provider Leverate is celebrating 10 years of existence this month, and it is time to look back at this company’s achievements over the years.

It’s hard to believe just how much Leverate has evolved in one decade alone – from a single dedicated product to an all-out solutions and services provider.

Leverate was founded in 2008, when four friends from IDF decided to turn their programming skills into profit by creating an automated trading algorithm. The company’s first product as a pure technology provider was a fast and accurate price feed, designed to help brokers present the quickest results to their traders. Soon after, the company released its first self-made trading platform, Sirix, complete with its own server and a whole host of tools covering everything a broker needs – from risk management to CRM, from social trading to regulation compliance.

Throughout the years, Leverate expanded to a global business, opening financial services and sales offices from Cyprus to Hong Kong, and branched-out to crypto and marketing automation, growing from 4 to 150 employees in the process.

Yasha Polyakov, CEO of Leverate said: “In its 10 years of existence, Leverate has become a leading player in Forex and general brokerage technology. In the same spirit, we will continue to excel in different fields in the upcoming years, from marketing automation to cryptocurrency and blockchain.”

Ran Strauss, Co-Founder and former CEO of Leverate shared his excitement today: “It’s amazing to see how 10 years passed by. I would like to thank Yasha and the team, and wish Leverate and its clients another 10 years of astonishing achievements and fruitful business.”

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