The Importance of Going Mobile

Mobile Trading

There is no dispute that mobile phones have become a lot more than a device that allows two people to talk from a distance and on the go.

Leverate Launches a New Office in Bulgaria


We are pleased to announce the opening of our new office in Bulgaria. In the past years, Leverate has been thriving in the Eastern European market, including in the Balkan and CIS countries.

Leverate Adapts to Work During COVID-19


Leverate’s technology remained in high demand during all the recent crisis, and our main strategy since the beginning has been to maintain the health of our team and keep everything in fully operating mode.

Color matters!

In order to better understand the creative process which takes place behind-the-scenes, we asked the head of our creative team to share a few insights from her experience.

Every Word Counts!

After discussing the importance of colors in building a solid website, it is time to discuss another important element in all forms of digital communications and platforms: choice of words!

Critical Tips For Good SEO

Have you ever wondered why certain websites always appear first on Google searches, even though they are not Authority Websites?

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